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At GTA Web, we totally stand by what Bill Gates once said about online business and specifically for their websites: “Content is KING!”

A website rich in relevant content not only shows off your knowledge and your business’s versatility, but it also the number one factorcontributing to ranking your website on top, across search engines!!


With a lot of individuals and content writing companies around, it can be a daunting task trying to pick just the right one for you.

Here are some of GTA Web’s tips, on how to make the right choice for your business content writer:

Know what you want

Take some time to figure out what style of content you like. Research ideas based on similar or even dissimilar business and determine key elements like what writing style you like, what tone of content would best match your business and even the length perhaps of articles that you would like to see for your website. Having answers to these questions is the first helpful step is choosing right.

Choose someone locally

As we mention in our eBook on how to choose the right Web Development Company for building your website, local, is the best way to go with content writers too. There are several ways you can advertise for the position that you are hiring for and those should work for hiring content writers too. There are many advantages to choosing someone local, and especially so, if your business that targets the local market (for example, a business in Mississauga looking for clients in the GTA) clients. A content writer that knows your market will, therefore, write content that is even more relevant to your place of operation.

Ask for sample/ Test it out

When you are treating content writing as a long-term investment for your business, it would certainly be wise to make sure your investment is going to the right writer! Generally, professionals will be able to refer you to their old or existing clients and the writing material they have generated for them and provide you with ample examples!

Content Writing Canada

Choose writing, think marketing

One of the major goals of content writing Canada is to increase web traffic to your site by beefing it up with rich content. A good content writer for websites and businesses is someone who writes creatively but also has the intelligence and know-how on HOW to write effectively from the Search Engine Optimization point of view. We at GTA Web can guarantee two things in this regard: one, that there are several nuances to effective, impactful content writing when it comes to keeping in mind the optimization strategies and two, our content writers are fully trained and equipped with that knowledge. Just writing content, without those strategies in mind, is not a total fail but it considerably slows down your progress, overall.


You could of course write your own content, but here are our some practical reasons, based on our knowledge and experience, that makes the decision of hiring a content writer, one of the best business decisions that you, as a business owner will ever make:


We reiterate again, that regularly posted quality content on your website is THE thing that will help you increase your rankings in an organic and effective way. Nothing can beat the effect content richness can have for your business growth.


Since content writing is an ongoing activity that needs to happen on a regular basis, it does take some time and energy investment. If you do have to time to manage and run your business and ensure that your content writing is just as regular and consistently uploaded, then, by all means, go ahead and do it! But in our humble opinion (and experience) it’s not always possible to make the time for that. That is where content writers like ours, get the job done!


Quality, when it comes to content is highly important. You need to put out content that is not only relevant but also creative, compelling and attractive for your readers and prospective clients. And a professional content writer can meet that very goal every single time, with every post. You might be a decent writer and creative yourself, but at times it does become a challenge to dress up information in a way that is engaging.


But the buck doesn’t stop there! Creatively presenting information is a skill, but for it to be an effective business growth strategy, it is equally important to make the content SEO-friendly, Google- friendly and to this art, there are several nuances. A professional content writer knows that and is trained in those areas. With a professional writing for you, you can rest assured that the quality, quantity and best industry practice standards are met each and every time!


Researching, is another area that goes hand in hand with content writing. Whether it is researching into your own business and developing ideas on how to present your own information effectively OR researching what your competitors are doing and aiming to do one better, with your content; research takes up considerable time. Professional content writers save your time, allowing you to focus on running your business and not worrying about these aspects of content writing!


Social media engagement is a must for creating and sustaining your business popularity and reputation. Which is where all the other details of quality, quantity, regularity and timely posting play a huge role. We hope by now you can see how a professional content writer can promise a sustainable social media promoting and marketing strategy, for your business.


Good quality content is there to stay on your site! Once posted, it can help create your own business archive of information that you can keep referring your potential and existing clients to for information they seek. An investment into a good content writer, creates value for the long haul! Content writing Canada is not a cost actually, but a wise business investment.


There is a direct link between quality content and increased traffic on your site which also means increasing your chances of visitor conversion! If you feel like you are pinching pennies and saving today by not investing in content writing, we assure you, you are directly getting the way of your own business growth and income, in the future.


Talk to us today, about why GTA Web is the right web design company for your website content writing needs! We really listen to exactly what you are looking for, understand your business goals are and what your budget is. We assure you that you will get matched with the right content writing Canada professional, with GTA Web!

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