Do you ever wonder what happens to all those who do make it to the targeted landing page of your website, but don’t convert to serious customers? Do you wish that there was some way through which you could be on their mind, for a second reconsideration and maybe a second look around on your website, which leads to a conversion? And wouldn’t it be great were these reminders “follow” them without you needing to do anything, and without even creeping up into their inbox? Sounds too good to be true? Let us assure you that it is TRUE and very do-able! Welcome to the realm of Google Remarketing! This is like your personal ad- placard holding guy that follows a potential client who has stopped by even once on your website, during their regular internet activities and even on very different and unrelated sites, displaying your ads and keeping you on their mind!

This not only keeps your business on the forefront of their minds, BUT just think about the impression you are creating on your client’s mind, by coming across as a company that has ads everywhere!!

Google Remarketing Strategies, pack quite a punch. The ad banners that follow your site visitors, always keeping your business on their radar. They are not only a form of effective, hands-free, hassle-free digital follow-up, but they also impact your business branding favourably, by flaunting your business as one of the top advertisers online!

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A close relative of the Google Remarketing Strategy, Facebook Remarketing is a strategy that ensures much better conversions from visitors to actual clients! Since Facebook is not part of Google display network, Facebook remarketing is needed to display your ads to your website visitors when they are browsing their Facebook page.

With thoughtfully designed ads on the Facebook Right Hand Side ad display section and Native ads on your visitors personal News Feed on both their computers and mobile Facebook profiles, Facebook Remarketing will work on maintaining your amazing branding and continue with the digital followups.

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