Responsive websites, mobile apps & front-end/back-end user interfaces for web apps. Beauty is only skin deep. High quality, effective web design is the product of market research, industry experience, and user testing. A well-designed website does not just look good; it also yields consistent, tangible positive results. Visitors should enjoy the experience of navigating your site and be eager to return in the future. This is how good website design can enhance your digital marketing campaigns and help grow your business. GTA Web is a leading web design & development company based in Brampton, Ontario, Canada. Call us for a free web design & development consultation. Click the button below to request a free website design & development quote through email.

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Responsive Web Design

Roughly 80% of internet users in North America use a smartphone to browse the internet, and almost half of internet users use a tablet. To take advantage of the skyrocketing sales from mobile users, you need responsive web design that works on any device, whether a PC, smartphone, iPad, or any other internet browsing device. A responsive web page will make your website accessible to as many customers as possible.

Interactive Web Design

Our interactive website designs make your business stand out from competitors. These designs grab your attention with visual appeal, user friendliness, and superb functionality. Interactive web design is proven to increase engagement of visitors significantly, offering an excellent ROI for your website.

User Experience

We take a market driven, analytical approach to providing the best user experience in our website design. By blending market analysis, persona creation, user testing, user flows and extensive research we can design websites that highly appeal to website visitors, increasing conversion and decreasing bounce rates.


Brand identity is critical in the age of social media. We help businesses design, market, and promote their brand, both online and offline. By assisting with brand management, we can help companies maximize their ROI.

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