Web hosting, is that cyber space location on the World Wide Web where your website and all the content and data on it is located. In other words, think of it as your website’s parking space! Having the right kind of web hosting for your website, not only allows others to visit it but it also makes sure that you have a speedy landing page download, which plays a key role in catching your visitor’s attention. Loading speeds are also essential for making sure that your website ranks better on the search engines!

GTA Web’s hosting packages on shared or dedicated spaces, will take care of your website’s speed and all other particulars that a good hosting platform should have! Our web hosting packages in varying price ranges ensure that you are only paying for the features relevant to the goals of you website, ensure fast, secure and reliable hosting that grows hand in hand with your website’s growth!


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  • A fast speed for your website landing page
  • Reliable and consistent performance on all the other pages of your site too
  • Hassle free management throughout your hosting life
  • Prompt support for any trouble shooting
  • Easy to use, reliable and trustworthy hosting space
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