Google Analytics Consulting Services Canada

Google Analytics Consulting Services Canada is an indispensable tool that works hand in hand with any of your website promotion strategies. Google Analytics Consulting Services Canada will tell you whether your investment into these promotional strategies is working for you or not and HOW you can improve to enhance results and make tangible profits!


These are the kind of questions and concerns, Google Analytics can answer for you

  • 1 How do you know how well your Ad Words campaign is working for you?
  • 2 How can you measure your campaign goals with hard numbers, on a regular basis?
  • 3 Is your ‘bounce rate’ high enough?
  • 4 How many searches for your business happen on a cell phone/mobile device?
  • 5 And what is your ‘bounce rate’ on mobile devices?
  • 6 By campaign, what is your mobile bounce rate?
  • 7 What the times in the day when you are more likely to get visitors to your site?
  • 8 What are Multi-Channel Funnels and what can they do for you?
Google Analytics gives you this valuable data, all at your fingertips, so that you can best optimize your promotion strategies for maximized results from your campaign! It can create customized reports for new vs old visitors on your site over a period of last one month and even allow you measure your progress by year, by comparing that to the numbers from last year! Google Analytics can help you improve visitor engagement on your site by providing the right intelligence on your website performance, and converting visitors to actual paying customers!


Our team of dedicated Google Analysts work for you, providing you all the data, helping you understand and analyse it and clearly mapping outyour business promotional campaignsin ways that it works for you. Examples of items in the report will include data such as Paid Visits to your site; Phone Calls; Conversion Rates; Keywords and the Expense on Google Adwords.

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