YouTube Video Marketing

Create, Educate, Promote & Convert! BUT…WHY VIDEOS, IN THE FIRST PLACE? It is a well- proven fact that multi-media modes of communication are simply the BEST when it comes to engaging the attention of a majority of people. While some might like or not like to read a blog post for example, or listen to an audio promotional message or read your visual ad or not, multi-media methods of promotions such as video presentations appeal the majority because it engages and appeals all the senses! Whether you are creating a video for promotion of your services or simply educating the masses about your company and services etc., investing in good quality videos is one of the best business investments you can make. WONDERING WHERE TO GET STARTED WITH VIDEO MAKING? GTA Web offers very competitive prices for 2D, 3D and designer studio made videos; guaranteeing satisfaction from start to finish, with powerful script writing and sophisticated look and feel to the actual videos, we have you covered through the entire process.

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Second to Google, YouTube is a large search engine, in and of itself. With millions of videos on millions of topics and millions of users logged on to the site at any given point; Video Marketing on YouTube is like taking your promotion strategies and amplifying it a million times over! There are several ways in which you can make your videos findable on YouTube

YouTube In Stream Ads If you have browsed YouTube, you are already aware of what this is.

  • Your ad will play before, or after a YouTube video
  • Your viewer has the option of viewing it fully OR skipping the ad after the first 5 sec of viewing
  • You pay ONLY when the ad gets viewed for more than 20 secs or till the end of it, whichever comes sooner

In-Display YouTube Ads (TRUEVIEW)

  • Within the Google Display network, this type of ad appears alongside other YouTube videos or websites
  • You pay ONLY IF the browser clicks on your ad and watches it
  • The ads appear depending on the published content; as a part of a related/ suggested video but this means that are greater chances of your ad being of interest to the browser

In- Search YouTube Ads (TRUEVIEW)

video marketing
  • Your ad appears at the top of the list in the paid section of the search results on YouTube and Google searches
  • You pay only when your ad is viewed by the browser
  • You can try now by searching a popular search term in your search box; for example “iPhone 6 plus” to see some examples!